Microsoft Teams (In English)

In this course you will learn how to use all the main features in Microsoft Teams.

The course consists of 11 online modules, which each contains a number of learning videos and assignments you can solve. 


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E-learning: microsoft teams (In english)

In the Microsoft Teams course, you will learn how to use all the main features.

You’ll learn how to easily collaborate with colleagues or people outside of your organisation, and how to share files. You’ll also learn how to communicate in a channel, in a chat or via meetings, directly in Teams.

Course Prerequisites

The course is for beginners and does not require prior knowledge of the program. If you have worked with Teams before, but don’t yet feel comfortable with all the features, this course will also be relevant for you.

You must have Teams installed (or open in your browser) before you start.


The e-learning course consists of 11 online modules, which each contain a few videos of approximately 2 minutes each. The course takes approx. 90 minutes in total. Besides the videos the course will also include assignments and examples which you can use to test your skills.

Course content

1.1 Introduction to the course

2.1 What is Teams? 

2.2 The user interface

2.3 Searching in Teams

3.1 User settings

4.1 Create your first Team

4.2 Edit members of a Team

4.3 Manage Teams

5.1 The General Channel – what is it?

5.2 Create a new channel

5.3 Create Private Channel

6.1 Managing the General Channel 

6.2 Managing other channels

7.1 Communication on the Posts tab

7.2 Get the attention of others with Tagging

7.3 Formatting Posts

7.4 Edit and delete a post

7.5 Attach files to a post

8.1 Sharing files in Teams

8.2 Working with Files

8.3 Collaboration on a File

9.1 Wiki tab

9.2 Create multiple tabs

10.1 Chat in Teams outside the channels 

10.2 Add participants to the chat

10.3 Sharing files in the chat

11.1 Meetings 

11.2 Start a meeting from a channel

11.3 Start a meeting from a chat

11.4 Schedule and convene a meeting

11.5 Meeting options

11.6 Receive calls and participate in meetings

11.7 Running the meeting

11.8 Record and save a video of the meeting

11.9 Use of Breakout rooms in the conference

This course includes