Excel Basic (English)

In the Excel Basic course you will learn how to use Excel and the basic features of the program, so that you can work with numbers, calculations and handle large amounts of data in an easy way.

The e-learning course consists of 9 parts which each consists of small 2-minute learning videos.


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E-learning: Excel Basic (In english)

If you are a new user of Excel, this course will provide you with basic knowledge on how to use Exceæ and the basic features.

Course Prerequisites

The course is for beginners and does not require prior knowledge of the program. If you have worked with Excel before, but don’t feel comfortable with it yet, this course will also be relevant for you. You must have the Excel program installed before you start.


This e-learning course consists of 9 parts which each consists of small 2-minute videos. Besides the videoes, you will have access to tests, task files and examples which you use to train and test your skills.

Course content

1.1 Introduction to the course

2.1 User interface 

2.2 Data Entry

2.3 Cut and move data in Excel

2.4 Copy data into Excel

2.5 Fill handle

2.6 Adjust the size of rows and columns

2.7 Insert, delete, hide and unhide rows and columns

2.8 Navigating the spreadsheet

2.9 Select data

3.1 Creating a formula

3.2 Formulas: subtract, multiply and divide

3.3 Edit a formula

3.4 Copy a formula

3.5 Formulas to calculate percentage

3.6 Formulas to calculate date

3.7 Relative and absolute references

4.1 The SUM function 

4.2 The functions AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX and MIN

4.3 Edit a function



5.1 Adjusting cell content

5.2 Borders

5.3 Numbers, date and percentage

5.4 Formatting tables

5.5 Reset formattering

5.6 Conditional formatting

6.1 Sorting

6.2 Filtering

6.3 Lock the headers (freeze panes)

7.1 Column chart

7.2 Pie chart

8.1 Adjust page breaks and orientation

9.1 Tips and tricks

This course includes