Learn how to automate your workflow in Excel using Visual Basic for Application.

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Purpose of Excel VBA course

This Excel VBA course teaches you ti automate your work with Excel bulit-in programming tool called Visual Basic for Application.You will learn to create macros in Excel and it give you a good basic understanding af VBA programming language.

You will learn to automate different routines with VBA using Excel objects, how to handle basic user input/output and how to use the built-in programming structures such as loops and conditions.

The overall objective of this course is for you to be able to create simple tools in order to save time when dealing with repetitive tasks in Excel.


2 days at 09: 00-16: 00


To take full advantage of the course, we recommend that you are an experienced user of Excel or have a knowledge corresponding our advanced course.

You can attend this course regardless of the Excel version you are using.

Course content

 Macro recording

    • Where are macros stored
    • Relative and absolute recorded macros
    • Shortcuts and buttons for macros
    • Using the Visual Basic Editor to modify macros

      Intro to Visual Basic Editor

        • Settings
        • Views
        • Creation of procedure and functions

          Using Dialogs

            • Input box
            • Message box
            • Design of data entry forms

              Data Types and Variables

                • Declaration of a variable
                • Constants
                • Standard variable naming conventions

                  Programming structures

                  • If-Then-Else
                  • Select Case
                  • Do-Loop
                  • Do-While
                  • For-Next

                  Excel Objects properties and metodes

                  • Application
                  • Workbook , ThisWorkbook, ActiveWorkbook ,
                    ActiveSheet, Worksheet
                  • Range
                  • Select
                  • Cells, Rows, Columns
                  • Address
                  • Offset


                  • Workbook_Open/_Deactivate/_Activate
                  • Workbook_BeforeSave/_BeforeClose

                  Other topics

                    • Integration with other Office programs
                    • Error Handling

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                      Excel VBA advanced course

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